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A  complete design project

Обмерные работы

Визуальный анализ

Техническое задание

3d моделирование

3d визуализация

Рабочая документация

Составление сметы

Снабжение проекта

Авторский надзор

Signing a contract with us, you don't just get the services of a designer. Our team will represent and protect Your interests throughout the project. The client's interests primary for us.

Measuring work

The measurements of the object at the first meeting with the customer. Experts familiar with the customer, determine his needs, goals and objectives, carry out the necessary measurements. In case, if the measurement is impossible with manual and laser tapes, or the room has a complex configuration, we can to carry out measurements using three-dimensional laser scanner FARO, ensuring measurement accuracy up to 5 mm.

Visual analysis

Needs, goals and objectives of the customer we form a context for design. To determine the capabilities of their implementation, identify potential space, we performing a visual analysis of the object.

Preparation of technical specifications

It is an important component of the project, the basis for further design. It spells out the technical, aesthetic, ergonomic requirements for the project. Specify the sequence and timing of stages of the project. Formed the budget, based on which the designers will carry out the selection of building materials, furnishings and equipment.

3d modeling

For three-dimensional understanding of the object we create its three-dimensional model. Based on it architects to develop a scheme of zoning, the functional maps and charts placement of the machinery, thus forming several options for the future space-planning decisions. We provide our clients with choice.

3d render

For a visual perception of the designed object, our designers create photorealistic visualization. This allows the customer to look into the future, to see the final result and make changes to it at the stage of development project.

Working documentation

This stage involves the formation of a complete set of schematics, and blueprints required builders and contractors to bring the project in reality. It also shows the surface area, treatment, the volume of dismantled and erected walls and other technical data. With an example of working documentation you can find here.


For an accurate understanding of the volume of investment in the project, as well as a detailed report planned costs, our specialists make a detailed estimatedocumentation indicating name, company, contact information and country the manufacturer, as well as a picture or diagram of the object or material.

Project logistics

Often our customers do not have time or opportunity to carry out the preparation Technical specifications, conduct market research, to compare prices and end finally choose a contractor, manufacturer or supplier. We take care of these obligations to our client.


Part of supervision includes:

  • check out the designer on object, during carrying out of construction works;
  • adjustments to the project design that emerged after the dismantling of old or construction of new partitions, after alignment of the walls, floors and ceilings;
  • providing timely advice;
  • control over implementation of the design project;
  • assistance in the acceptance facility.

We represent and protect the interests of his Client.

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