Interior of a private house in Peterhof

Location: Peterhof, St. Petersburg

Area: 351 m2

Style: Nordic

Authors of the project: Bykov MM, Chernuha NA

The owners of this country house - a young St. Petersburg family. Among the common interests of the couple - passion history Nordic Viking and Vampire theme.

When this project was set a challenge: to resolve the zoning of the space, including 9 function areas. In addition, customers have expressed the wish to sustain the atmosphere of a Norman house, saving space and comfort, because soon it will have children ...

The concept of the proposed project is based on the contrast used natural materials: stone, glass and metal with warm shades of different types of wood and cork. Create an atmosphere of comfort lighting elements forming the whole light ensembles.

Needless vertical space of the room created a sense of "well". To solve this problem, designers have used a horizontal division in interior architecture. This can be seen in the curtains, made two circles, horizontal lines of light, LEDs that are hidden between the wooden panels and decorated slabs in the style of the Norman Drakkar ship.

Of particular note is the automation system that allows the touch of a button to raise the chandelier above the sitting area, at the same time push using electric curtains, lower the screen and switch projector.

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