The interior design of the bar in Moscow

Location: Moscow

Area: 95 m2

Style: Townhouse

Authors of the project: NA Chernuha

Interior of Moscow wine bar made SPb design studio Maxdesign.

The main interior material - pine. It is perfectly suited not only for the wall, and ceiling coverings. bar Color solution makes it possible to feel the depth of the room. Geometry lines, warm wood tones, classical forms - all this creates an extremely comfortable atmosphere for a pleasant pastime. Quiet background music helps to make a visitor to focus only on his choice.

Unusually solved area of private tables. The opposed leather sofas allow the company to visitors located in a private area, separated from the main hall. Small tables are located on the sides. This allows guests to feel more at home in the living room of the private than in the public place.

Thus, the proposed design studio concept combines new experiences in a wine tasting, a dynamic service and pleasant pastime.

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