Public space

Characteristics of modern public spaces

Public space


  1. Introduction;
  2. What is public space?;
  3. Characteristics of contemporary public spaces;
  4. The value of public spaces for the city;
  5. Sources.


Human beings are social and cultural, and therefore people just need a space where he can interact with society, to spend free time. For this you need to plan a multifunctional public space within the city and beyond, to improve existing parks, develop embankments and to give new functions.

The former mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa said, "In working time people with low and high incomes are equal. The differences between them are felt in your free time. The rich can afford to live in big houses with private gardens, sports grounds, can afford a variety of entertainment, restaurants. People with low incomes and their children live in small houses. The only alternative to television, which they can afford, walk around the city.Therefore, high-quality pedestrian zone is the smallest that can give its citizens a democratic society." I don't quite agree with E. Penalosa that public space is only needed for the middle class and poorer segments of the population, it is possible, for example, in one of the parks to provide as many ways that everyone found to their liking. But I agree with the main idea that people should be provided with quality environment, where he can spend your free time.

In this work, I would like to cover the topic of public spaces, understand the importance of these spaces for residents in private and for the city in General.

High Line Park, Manhattan, new York


In order to understand the topic, you must answer some basic and very important questions.

First, what is public space? Public space is made up of parks, gardens, squares, square near the metro, shopping complex or a Museum themselves shopping malls, streets, everything that is not a private space.

Secondly, why do we need public space? Public space is a place of spending time with friends, family, colleagues in the society. That time, there was an interesting public space must satisfy a variety of functions for people with different desires and Hobbies.

Park them. Gorkogo, Moscow

Thirdly, what defines a quality public space? An indicator of the quality of public space is its popularity among locals and tourists. And being popular is the only way to be interesting to everyone.

Further, it seems to me appropriate to analyze the latter issue in more detail.

New Holland, Saint-Petersburg


What we are presenting modern public space? What makes us go? Why do some places attract us and others do not?

Consider these questions on the example of the square in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Determining that attracts people, we will be able to identify the main elements of modern public space.

  1. The inscription "Iamsterdam" ( catchy part)

    This inscription first attracted nemalochislenny the guests of Amsterdam. This suggests that public space should be a certain highlight, detail which would be particularly Manila.

  2. The Rijksmuseum (the cultural part)

    Following that can attract not only tourists but also local residents – it is a historical place, building, or premises for the exhibition, performance or other art.

  3. A large gift shop;
  4. Small pond, outdoor paved area, easy cropped lawns (space outdoors that can be used in different ways depending on the time of year, day and time of the installation).

So, the main characteristic of modern public space multitasking, therefore, the space becomes interesting to a wide range of people.


What do we mean by value for the city? – economic benefits.

To underestimate the role of quality public space in the city is impossible. After all, museums, parks, cafes and restaurants are the main magnet for tourists, which implies the development of the tourism industry of the business are also involved in industries such as food and entertainment.

New Holland, Saint-Petersburg

Thus, public space attracts a variety of business sectors, providing new jobs and generates revenue for the city.

New Holland, Saint-Petersburg


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